What are Security Rejas?
Ironworks are experts in providing your home with security rejas. But what are they? Security "Rejas" or simply "Rejas" is the spanish term for iron bars. They have been used for tens of years to protect spanish homes from burglars. The picture above is a typical representation of a Reja protecting a window.

How are they installed?

Rejas are complex to install and typically this work is carried out on most new builds. The frame of the rejas is sunk deep into the concrete and brickwork surrounding the window or door opening. We can also install rejas on your existing property. Dont worry, its not a problem!

Why are they good for security?

They provide excellent security not only as a deterrent, but also because they are not easy to break!! It takes a lot of time, energy and equipment to break through rejas - which most burglars dont have.

Other Security Options are there available?

  1. 24 hour Security Patrols: There typical response time is 20 minutes from notification but if they are constantly patrolling the urbanisation, it only takes an average of 1.25 minutes to get in a window or door that has no rejas on it. Over the long term, its more expensive also.
  2. Shoot Bolts: Effective, but from the outside the burglar does not know you have them . So they will "jemmy" the door causing damage which can result in 1000 euros replacement costs.
  3. Alarms: Alarms are a great way to let everyone else know that your property is being burgled! No, they are good but the problem remains the same - They dont provide the detterent aspect of rejas and cant stop people from entering in the first place.
  4. Defence Dogs: Another option, but not all people like pets. Also to consider is the danger aspect of a guard dog around the family home. Plus they require feeding and maintenance etc... If you love animals, this could be your option.

What about styles and colours?

Security rejas have come a long way since the early days. They are now available in a range of colours and can be styled to your liking. Most of the rejas on the spanish villas are green, although you are free to style them to your own liking. We can build the rejas to fit your window and/or doors, no matter the size. Check out our portfolio.

Lower insurance?

Rejas also help lower your insurance premiums in Spain by an average 10% to 30% depending on the insurer. Rejas provide peace of mind & security for your family. It can also help keep the little kiddies inside and stop the from falling off a balcony or window!

Are your prices really that good?

We offer factory direct prices and can provide you with a free quotation with no obligation to buy. Indeed many of our competitors buy the product from us and then sell it to you. During these times when money is tight, you can bypass the middle men and contact us directly. If you can find a better price, let us know and we can match it.

We can quote you on the phone...

We are also able to quote you on the phone. We have been in the business nearly 20 years now, and we can size the job up from our phone conversation and give you a quotation there and then. Saves some of our customers being visited by "sales people". Give us a call now.
“We are delighted with the security rejas installed on our villa here in Elviria on the Costa del Sol. We would highly recommend Tony and Iron Works to any future client"
David Kan

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